How to Bake your Video Card and Profit!

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How to Bake your Video Card and Profit!

Post by Screwtape » Mon Jun 10, 2013 5:05 pm

Have problems with your video card? Did your video card just die? Or is it near death? Artifacts on screen and a general
refusal to work when you try to play any graphically intensive game, or hell even Windows Aero themes?

Well have I got a recipe for you! Hi y'all I'm Paula Deen, and today we're gonna be makin' some sweet sweet baked video cards!

It turns out one potential cause for this are micro-fractures in the solder-metal-thingamajig after some/extensive use. In engineering terms, it's called "reflowing" or sumshit. Fuck that. I'M COOKIN' ME SOME HARDWARE. Well, what can you do? We gonna bake son. We gonna bake.

1.Unscrew and remove everything you can from the video card. Particularly any plastics, the fan(s), the heatsink(s) and anything plastic (that IS removeable). Some things just weren't and I didn't want to risk removing anything that I couldn't place again with ease. And besides the card was out of warranty and dead.

2. Wrap oven-safe tray in aluminum foil (not sure why the tray needs to be wrapped in aluminum foil). Make 4 evenly sized "balls" with aluminum foil to work as supports for the bare card so it doesn't touch the tray itself.

3. Preheat oven to 385 F (according to my research the soldering-metal-thingamajigs start to melt at 364 F)- Some went as high as 390 or 400. But 385 F should do it.

4. Once it reaches the temperature, place tray with the video card in the oven for 8 minutes. Some go as far as 12 minutes. I went for 10.

5. Remove from oven after desired time. Let it cool naturally.

6. Reattach everything you removed before baking and plug it back in.

7. Profit.

Varying reports indicate that this fix can last 3-6 months or longer. Sometimes rebaking works. Sometimes it doesn't.

If you didn't understand my instructions you're obviously a moron and should google this shit, Sherlock! No but seriously you should google it.

I don't know if the reflowing/microfractures thing is bullshit or not. But I can tell you one thing: My dying card? Now working. Im not gonna get another card for this PC because of cost efficiency- my computer is too old, and I may as well buy a new one, but that is nowhere near my budget right now.

Also, I'm not high.

p.s. I'm not high :(
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Re: How to Bake your Video Card and Profit!

Post by SectsDryve » Tue Jun 11, 2013 11:24 am

I baked a video card back from the brick. When hardware breaks, I call them bricks. Baking the card actually made it work two more weeks. I think something else was wrong though. You really can not be lazy about removing everything you can from the card before putting it in the oven. And do check on it. Leaving it in too long will wick the solder away entirely or scorch/melt other parts that will otherwise brick it before its time.
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