koranuso's collected 'knowledge'

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koranuso's collected 'knowledge'

Post by Munki » Tue Sep 11, 2012 9:05 am

This is a series of posts that has been really popular over on Reddit lately. In fact it was so popular, it actually caused the Traveler's and Pirate rune market to SKYROCKET over night. So at this moment in time, it's a bit more expensive to get a full set of gear. When I looked at Travellers stuff last night, the Rune was now just under 1g per (so that would be 5-6g just for the runes themselves). It's all pretty good advice though. And I'm sure the market will stabilize on these elements in a few days, they just had a huge spike of popularity for the moment.

Anyway, I'll link each of his 4 posts and paste them in to spoilers. Definitely suggest giving them a read :)

Part 1: http://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comm ... ge_part_1/
I haven't really decided what to make this into yet. After 200+ hours ingame my head is chock full of tidbits that a lot of people don't seem to know. My goal is to educate and maybe bring light to certain confusing aspects of the game. If people like it I will make more parts. If people don't like it I'll probably still make more parts. Enjoy.

Basic knowledge:

1. Using Lion's Arch as a hub.
Lions arch is a town that is unique in the fact that it has portals (those purple swirly things on map) to each of the 5 races major cities. What makes this useful is that from anywhere in the world you can open up your Hero panel, click the pvp tab at the bottom on the left side, and click the button that says "Enter the Mists". You can then enter the portal from there and go into Lions Arch and from there go to any of the races starting cities. Everything I just said above is FREE.
Note: If you have never entered the mists before, there will be 3 lil hearts to do before you get access to the portal I mentioned. They aren't real hearts though and only take a few minutes to do all 3.

2. Crafting gives you experience based on a % of your current level.
Every crafting discipline will give you 10 level if you max it to 400 no matter when you start it. If you start it at level 1, it will get you to level 11. If you start it at level 51, it will get you to level 61. The experience you gain for every crafting level is about 2.5% of whatever your current level is, no matter what that may be.
NOTE: Crafting is fun and certainly useful if you are solo. It is not a great way to make money. The odds of the average person recouping their investment is very low with the state of the economy the way it is. I will go more in depth on this later.

3. How to get gold.
I have made gold pretty much every way available and I keep coming back to the same method. Stack magic find and sell everything. Now the my advice varies based on level so let's look at the three categories of people.
Before level 70: Prior to this level don't worry about magic find. Simply sell every single piece of gear you find at the vendor. Salvage (with BASIC kits) only those items that say they are specifically for salvage. As you will quickly learn, the great majority of items that you find will already be up on the TP for only a copper above what you would get selling to the vendor. These people don't understand that the TP is going to charge them a 15% fee for posting that item. This means they make less than you will by selling to vendor.

After level 70: This is where it gets good. Continue to follow the strategy above, but start stacking Magic Find. Magic find doesn't increase the amount of loot you get, but it increases the quality. I have 156% MF on my warrior and when I do pretty much any dynamic event, I will get at least one Yellow (Rare) quality item. Why would you want these level 70+ yellows? Because when you use a MASTER or MYSTIC salvage kit on them, there is a very good chance you will get a Glob of Ectoplasm (about 18s item) from them along with whatever sigil or rune they have in them. ONLY level 70+ yellows give Globs of Ectoplasm. These Ectos are used to craft Orange (Exotic) gear at level 80 and you need about 35 to make a full set when you are 80. I can go more in depth on this if people want.

4. How to get gear.
NEVER BUY. ALWAYS OFFER. Those words are true enough for me to consider them law. I have noticed people (read assholes) really taking advantage of new people. Let me describe what is happening. When I make a character and get him to say level 10, I want to get him a set of level 10 blues from the TP so I am really strong for my level. I go on the TP and set my limits as such.
Search item: Mighty (Because at low levels power rocks)
Level range: 10 to 10
Quality: Fine (Blue)
Category: Armor and then I do again for weapons.

If you do this you will notice that level 10 Blue gear is going for anywhere from 2 silver to 5 silver a piece. These items are worth 17-24 COPPER. Anyone that sells the gear for an appropriate amount has their gear bought and relisted immediately at the much higher price. Now you can combat this very easily.

When you see an item you like (or more likely you want a set if you upgrade every 10 levels like I do), simply click the link that says "place a custom offer". The copper amount that pops up by default is the vendor price of that item you are looking at, THAT is your baseline. If there are offers to the right I will simply offer a copper more than them. The offer amounts are WAY lower than the direct buy prices. If there are No offers on an item then I simply bump that default vendor price up by 15 copper or so.

These offers I place always get filled within 10 minutes. There is no need to pay more than a few silver for a full set of lowbie Blue gear. Repeat this process every 5-10 levels and you will feel very overpowered for the level of content you are in. And since you are selling every piece of gear you find to vendor you will be able to EASILY fund this.

5. Selling on the Trading Post.
Selling stuff on the TP is not free. When you put something up for auction you incur an immediate 5% fee of whatever you set the selling price as. IF the item sells you will incur an additional 10% fee on the selling price as well. If you pull your item off the TP in order to relist it because someone maybe undercut you, you will incur ANOTHER 5% fee on the new selling price you have chosen.
It is very easy for you to lose money if you are not mindful of these percentages.

Ok, that's a good start I think. In Part 2 I will talk about storage. There are a lot of ways for you to increase inventory space on the cheap and people do seem to struggle with this. Also if there is anything specifically you would like me to go over please let me know and I will add it to one of the posts I make.
Part 2: http://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comm ... ge_part_2/
How do you HOLD ALL THE THINGS !!! Well read this.
Storing stuff

1. Make Alts.
You have 5 character slots to begin with. Even if you have no intention of playing mroe than 1 or 2 characters (the hells wrong with you...), make a few more characters and get them through their tutorial mission. No take these character straight to their home town and park them by the Bank.
You can now use them as mules. Have them take stuff from your shared account bank and store it in their bags. If you give all your alts cheap 8 slot bags you can easily double and triple you available inventory storage. I actually purchased 3 more character slots and this was one of my primary motivations.

2. Create a guild.
If you only play solo this probably isn't an option. BUT, if you have just one other person to do hearts and events with you will be able to earn influence fast enough to purchase a guild bank for yourself. If I remember it took about 2500 influence to get the first tier 50 slot guild bank.
You need another person or two helping because alone you only get like 10 influence for completeing an event. But if you are together with a guildmate you will earn closer to 100. It increases exponentially.
It took me and a buddy a couple weeks to get our bank. And we didn't even play together very often.
NOTE: At level 80 you are given a Tome of Influence. This gives whatever guild you are currently representing 400 influence.

3. Use the TP.
If you remember from Part 1, when you place an item on the TP it will incur a 5% fee based ont he selling price you choose. What most people don't realise is that you can place an item on the TP with one character, leave it up there for as long as you want (auction don't expire), and then pull that item off with ANY of your other characters.
The TP is basically a giant account wide shared bank....for a fee.
The most common response I get to this is "but what if someone buys you item". Don't put your items on the TP at a competitive price. List the items for a few copper/silver higher than the lowest selling price. IF by some fluke your item does get sold, at least it was for a nice profit.

4. Get bigger bags.
I still see people who have actually filled their bag slots with 4 slotters from the vendor. Don't be that guy. Check the trading post for cheap 8 slot leather bags or give someone the materials. When you get a bit more money you can purchase 15 slotters for a pretty reasonable 50 silver + leather. I would stick to leather bags as the other types of mats cost more.
Part 3: http://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comm ... ge_part_3/
This post I will focus on PvE and Dungeon tips.

1. Build types.
The most common build you see is the glass cannon. This applies to pretty much any class in the game. Most people like to start with Power at low levels, then move on to Power/Precision when the gear allows 2 stats, and finally move onto Power/Precision/Condition Damage when the gear allows 3 stats at higher levels.

This build is fine for fighting mobs out in the world and grinding hearts or dynamic events. It is even viable in most Story Mode dungeons (aside from maybe Ascalon Catacombs).

The thing is, it just isn't necessary and is fairly limiting in what you can do. You just will not be able to handle Explorable Mode in dungeons reliably. Yet even without a single gear stat in damage or crit you will still do plenty of damage.

If you want to try out Explorable Mode dungeons and get the rare gear skins form those, I would highly encourage you to try a different set of gear stats and trait builds. A good option would be to get all Power/vit gear if you are mid level. If you are 80 then try a set of Power/Toughness/Healing gear. Set your traits to something other than 30/30 Power/Precicion.

I guarantee your dungeon and probably PvP experience will be better and you won't even notice a difference in PvE.

As an experiment I started a Guardian alt. Gave him nothing but Vit/toughness gear and vit/toughness traitlines. He can still murder PvE content easily and can run dungeons like a boss. I was actually able to 3 man the first boss in Caducus Manor last night due to my characters insane health/toughness/regen. It allowed me to always stay up while my other two teammates died repeatedly. Fight did take like 10 minutes though but was still awesome.

My main Warr is using a full MF set but as soon as I have the mats I will be making a full set of Power/Tough/Health gear. Warriors have a much higher hp/armor/toughness then guardians. And when speced properly can CC like a boss. I expect I will be stomping Explorable Mode dungeons on her soon.

NOTE: The reason I didn't say get a set of Vit/Tough/Healing armor is because that stat combo does not exist currently in game.

2. Dungeons.
The first dungeon in GW2 is Ascalon Catacombs and it is hard. Really hard. So hard that it may actually turn you off of dungeons in general. It sure did for me. After beating AC a few times and dying a lot more I decided dungeons just weren't for me and proceeded to level all the way to 80 without stepping foot in another one.

I was wrong though. Dungeons are awesome...after Ascalon. The later dungeons are far more manageable in Story Mode. Even glass cannons can do fine in them. Plus you get to see a part of the story that just doesn't come up in the Personal Storyline.
Now what are some things you can do to not die in dungeons?

A. Have gear your level. Sound simple right, but so many people hit level 30 still wearing level 14-20 gear and think....hey let's go try the first dungeon......and they're dead. If you follow my TP tips you will be able to have a full set of level 30 gear and do fine.

B. Have a ranged option. I don't care what class you are. The majority of fights just are not safe for melee unless you have some very stout stats and gear. Stay at range and kite ALL THE THINGS. This goes for trash mob pulls as well as bosses.

C. REVIVE your downed party members. You can safely ignore anyone that is dead, but if you stay on top of the downed members they shouldn't die in the first place unless something really bad happens. Honestly I should have put this as the first rule of dungeon running, it's that important.

D. If you are DEAD (not downed) rez and run back. Don't expect people to revive you. It takes a loooong time to ressurect someone who has died.

There is a lot more to say on this I am sure but that's a start. I think Part 4 will be on how to acquire your first few sets of level 80 gear to get started with Karma farming and dungeon running.
Part 4: http://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comm ... ge_part_4/
So you've hit level 80 and have no idea what to do. Don't feel bad. When I finally got to Orr at 80 I was wearing level 60-70 greens and getting stomped repeatedly by every friggin Risen I met.

Here is my progression.

1. Fresh level 80.
Go on the TP and purchase a full set of level 80 Yellow Travellers (magic find set) gear. They typically go for about 13 silver a piece but can be as much as 40 silver. Weapons also come in Travelers types. Now buy some runes for the armor and a sigil for your weapon(s).

5/6 Superior rune of the Pirate 1/6 Superior rune of the Traveler

Or vice versa works too. I just like the bonuses to Might since I'm a warrior.

Now buy a level 80 Sigil of Luck and add it to your weapon(s).

Too finish up, purchase 5 pieces of jewelry. I got my 5 pieces for about 12 Silver TOTAL. Just search in the Trinkets section of the TP for level 80 and the term OPAL MITHRIL. Here is an example of one.

All told you will spend around 2-3 gold which isn't too bad for that level especially if you have just been selling all your gear and not paying a bunch of money to learn crafting.

2. Exotics.
Now you have a full yellow MF set which with food should give you about the same MF% as me. You have a couple options now.

A. You can make an Exotic MF set of glass cannon gear. (That's what I did but considering you have the yellow set for that isn't strictly necessary.)

B. You can make your exotic dungeon/pve/pvp set of gear. (I'm working on this now.)

Here is the reason why I went with Option A first.
I used my yellow mf set of gear to farm the events in Orr (I get about 1 yellow at least each event) and I also cleared every level 70+ zone in the game (there are only like 4). The completion rewards for the 70+ zones are level 70+ yellows and exotics. I didn't wear and of those of course, but I did salvage them into globs of ectoplasm using Master Salvage Kits (Mystic now though thanks to that helpful redditor who showed recipe).

Aside from that I made sure to MINE EVERY SINGLE ORICHALCUM ORE. They are very expensive and quite rare. Even if I had to go outta my way I was sure to snag all I could see.

When I had close to enough materials for the Exotic armor, I used my Master Salvage kits on my Yellow MF set. This returned to me 5 out of 6 of the runes and netted me about 5 more globs of ecto. All told I only had to purchase 6 Globs and some gossamer to finish up the materials. Basically the money I invested in my yellow MF set came back to me in mats and yet I still got the benefit of using the armor.

Below is a list of materials needed for a full 6 piece set of HEAVY Exotic Armor. The data comes from GW2DB.com but is very difficult to tabulate with the way they have stuff laid out.

Draconic Set
30x Globs of Ectoplasm
37x Bolts of Gossamer OR 74x Gossamer Scraps
120x Spools of Gossamer Thread (from Tailoring vendor)
16x Orichalcum Ingots OR 32x Orichalcum Ore
30x Vicious Claws
The Vicious Claws can be replaced with any rare material of the same Tier. That rare material is what determines the stats that will appear on the final crafted gear. In the case of Vicious Claws it gives power/precision/mf.

Weapons are pretty similar but there is too much variance in mats for me to list everything, but check out the recipe section on GW2DB.com and you can figure it out.

As far as jewelry...fuck Exotics. Seriously. You get 1% more MF and the material cost is through the roof. All told if you got all exotic jewelry you would net another 5% MF. I will be sticking with my greens.
MF Numbers
MF from Armor = 3x6 = 18% MF
MF from Runes = 10+50 = 60% MF
MF from Weapon = 3+15(from sigil) = 18% MF (I use a greatsword and don't know if two of these would stack)
MF Jewelry = 6x5 = 30% MF
OmNomBerry Food = 30% MF + 40% Increased gold rewards. (the raspberry bar one at 24% is good too)
That totals out to 156% MF.

Now there is one more Piece of gear I have left out. During your personal Storyline you will be given 2 Back slot pieces. One at level 33 and one at level 80. The low level one cannot be socketed with MF although you can put a lol level gem in there if you want to add liek 4 vit or something. The level 80 back piece can be re-socketed with a Mark of something (I forget which one gives MF%). Honestly though, I chose the defensive back piece for my dungeon set. My MF set is already plenty good enough. If I could get another one then I would certainly make one for MF. That just isn't an option right now.

I think Part 5 will be about the personal storyline and how quests interact with multiple people in the party. I can't guarantee that one will be completed by end of today though.
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Re: koranuso's collected 'knowledge'

Post by Kiawah » Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:31 am

Some good stuff in there, although a lot of it is common sense (except for how to gear at 80).

The biggest thing to get out of there I thought though was the fact that you actually do need more defensive stats in order to live through the explorable dungeons. People are too used to WoW, where you had actual tanks and could afford to stack only +spell damage because the only time you got hit was if you pulled aggro or some special mechanic.

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Re: koranuso's collected 'knowledge'

Post by Rocketdog » Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:51 am

Kiawah wrote:Some good stuff in there, although a lot of it is common sense.......
I HAVE NO COMMON SENSE WHAN IT COMES TO MUNNY!!!!! :crazy: :drunk: :mrgreen:
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Re: koranuso's collected 'knowledge'

Post by Mentu » Tue Sep 11, 2012 12:21 pm

Funny thing is I had a full magic find set but chose not to rune it because I didn't think I would need to go over 100% T_T