Dungeons of Dredmore: 70% off 6/6

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Dungeons of Dredmore: 70% off 6/6

Post by Munki » Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:23 am

I'm a pretty huge fan of this little indie game. I've hawked it before over facebook a few times, but I don't think I've ever done so here on Grog.

A quick overview: This is a small indie Rogue-Like game. It is fairly customizable in how difficult you want it to be... if you are a hardcore Rogue-r, you can set the game to use Permadeath and crank up the difficulty. If you are a more casual RPG dungeon crawler, you can turn off Permadeath and put the difficulty down a few notches.

What's a Rogue like you ask? Well if you are unfamiliar with the genre, it's a dungeon crawler that uses Random generation, usually to a fault. You will find potentially un-winnable situations due to the random generation or possibly amazingly powerful loot early on. It's a game type where 'beating' the dungeon is not really the goal... it's how far you can get. Of course, beating the dungeon is still something you strive for, it's just not typically a forgone conclusion. It's not a game type for everyone, but the addition of a 'softcore' mode helps make this a bit more broad :)

What does DoD bring to the Genre? Really the biggest thing is a lighthearted sense of humor. The game is very silly and really doesn't take itself seriously. At this point (with 2 expansions) it has a TON of options, loot, dungeon variance, and enemies too.

They just released a free xpac as well as opened up Steam Workshop mod support too.

You can get the full game + the first xpac for 2.25 for today (70% off normal price). It's a very fun game for a great price... if you don't have it I highly recommend picking it up.
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Re: Dungeons of Dredmore: 70% off 6/6

Post by PopnFresh » Wed Jun 06, 2012 8:11 pm

I am a Dungeons of Dredmore owner, and I approve this message.
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