A $99 XBox360 + Kinect bundle

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A $99 XBox360 + Kinect bundle

Post by Feaduin » Fri May 04, 2012 1:27 pm

Not a bad deal, if the plan fits you. It's the 4GB version of the 360 with a Kinect and a 2 year warranty, the latter of which might actually be quite useful considering it's an Xbox. But you have to subscribe to Live for 2 years in order to take advantage of the super low price. If you do the math, the bundle costs slightly more than if you bought everything yourself, retail. So knowing that, I wouldn't call it a "subsidy" as much as I'd call it a "layaway" scheme. So this bundle is really for those who want the lowest cost of entry in exchange for a payment plan and a commitment.

MS's deal
4GB XBox+Kinect Bundle - 99
2 year sub to Live Gold @ $15/ month = 360
Total Cost approx 460.

The Verge's math on separate purchase
4GB XBox+Kinect Bundle - 299
2 year sub to Live Gold @ full price 59.99/yr. = 120
total cost approx 420.

My math when I find specials
4GB XBox+Kinect Bundle - 299
2 year sub to Live Gold @ full price 39.99/yr. = 80
total cost approx 380.

So there it is. If you are willing to keep an eye out for Live Gold discounts on Slickdeals, then you have extra $ to upgrade that pathetic 4GB memory.
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Re: A $99 XBox360 + Kinect bundle

Post by Lightfeather » Fri May 04, 2012 4:22 pm

Too bad this wasn't for a PS3 =/ Both our Xbox and PS3 are crapping out in some way or another (Xbox doesn't output sound anymore and the disk drive died on the PS3) but our library of games is bigger on the PS3. Also, it was our only bluray player, so now the small collection of blurays we have are dusty and unwatched.

But for those interested in a new XBOX this seems like a crazy slick deal.