Bobble for $6 + free shipping

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Bobble for $6 + free shipping

Post by Lightfeather » Thu May 03, 2012 4:56 pm


The Bobble is a water bottle with a built in filter. The bottle itself isn't anything much to write home about. It's flimsy plastic that can't go in the dishwasher or the high heat will warp it out of shape. It's BPA free though so that's good.

Chloe's been bugging me to drink from mine so much that I went ahead and got her one of her own in pink. (If I can get her to drink more water that's always a plus). The filter replacements are a little over six bucks each on Amazon so this offer of the Bobble for $6 bucks flat plus free shipping was enticing enough to get me to bite and try one out.

People complained that the thing makes a wooshing noise when you drink or that it starts to leak where you screw the filter onto the bottle. The noise isn't any louder than drinking out of a water bottle you'd buy for your bike. I haven't had any leaking but I'm being gentle with this thing. I don't force the water through the filter very hard and I don't squeeze until I feel a lot of resistance. I'll make short small squeezes rather than one prolonged squeeze that would warp the bottle out of shape unnecessarily.

I've refilled it about 9 times so far. And so far so good! I'm impressed. Makes my tap water taste like Brita filtered! A++