Be careful if you intend on buying the HP Touch Tab

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Be careful if you intend on buying the HP Touch Tab

Post by Feaduin » Sat Aug 20, 2011 11:36 am

Hewlitt Packard dropped the price on their tablet all the way down to 99 bucks. That sounds like a great deal and it is. However HP has had a lot of trouble moving their not-ready-for-prime time tablet in the last two months and they've already DISCONTINUED the product after a brief 2 month run.

HP announced they are dropping their PC, phone, and tablet ambitions entirely. So just know that if you purchase their tablet, you are buying a DEAD PLATFORM.

Of course, HP might sell their consumer business to someone... I would imagine that some company out there would love to control the patent portfolio that includes the ones that cover WebOS. Even if a buyer never puts any more development into WebOS or Palm's stuff, I bet they would be valuable to Google or MS just to help protect them from other patent trolls.
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