FFXIV - Please Come Back Campaign

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FFXIV - Please Come Back Campaign

Post by Killjoy » Sat May 12, 2012 3:33 pm

I was really looking forward to FFXIV, had been waiting for it since it was first announced, played the WTFisthis?! beta, and a few times after release when SE was forced to drop subscription fees. They have since restarted the monthly fee and this week saw the beginning of a campaign to get players back into the game world.

It still sucks. Not only does it still suck, the fact that all my macros are gone in a heavily macro dependant game means I'd have to spend hours recovering all the work I'd put into job swapping macros, gear and ability macros, etc. All this work just to play the game again? Meh. I ran around, killed a few marmots, got pwned by a lady bug who was obviously going to eat me, and returned back to my field way point.

The game still isn't fun. They still don't have a marketplace solution that appeals to me. The game was laggy as all hell until I went back in and reset all my configurations. Even my gamepad configs had to be reset. This is all likely due to the updates they've done over the last year and wouldn't be a big deal if I had installed fresh. Even after countless disappointments, I had still hoped FFXIV v2 would be a worthy game. Not only does this Come Back Campaign prove the project is still a failure for me as a gamer, it tells me that no matter how much I hope SE will get things right, v2 and PS3 release won't make the game a winner.

This may very well have been my Final Fantasy, online... The entire franchise has disappointed me with the exception of FFXI in the past few years. The glory days may well be behind us.

Still, I'm sure there are other gamers who are perfectly happy with their online world inside FFXIV and are happy to see players like myself leave. That will always be the nature of MMO's.