See that X button......

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See that X button......

Post by Jase » Sat Oct 14, 2006 1:10 am

Yeah I hope you like pushing that x button cause that's all your going to be doing. To say that the beta version of this game is dissapointing to me is like saying Nefarion is a teeny tiny dragon.

First off you all know me and my love for PSO so you can understand why I was terribly excited about this title. In the last few months I've been pouring over any scrap of info I could find on the title and counting the days till it's release. So when I heard that a free beta was going to be available for download this weekend I jumped at the chance to try it. I can only hope that this beta is a severly stripped down version of the real game cause as it stands now it's not really worth the investment of my time or money.

Let me break it down for you.

Character creation- In previous iterations of PSO character creation was rather limited in that you only have a few choices in customizing your avatar. Still even with the rather limited choices it was hard to find another avatar that looked just like yours. PSU has many more choices when customizing your character but in the end your character has a tendency to get lost as most of the characters outside of the casts end up looking really similar. On a side note it's near impossible to make a cast that doesn't look like The Guyver as nearly any head and face combination will result in a near perfect rendition of him. Of course this doesn't take into account the clothes or parts you can buy later in the game. Looking at the cast parts it does appear that more levels of customization become available.

Combat - When I first read about the changes to the combat system it seemed like an improvement over PSO. Six hit combos instead of 3, wield a sword and a gun at the same time, and switching to first person mode for accurate shooting all seemed like welcome additions. However, during my sessions with PSU iI've never once hit for more than 3 hits, and I don't even know what the controller command is to get into the first person perspective. Wielding a saber and a mechgun at the same time is fun and a definite improvement to the combat. For some reason though they have limited weapons with photon charges that deplete as they use them. So while I have a nice rifle that works well for my Ranger I find myself fighting melee like a Hunter. Combat is fairly straightforward and monotonous at this point, Circle around the mob point yourself in the right direction and press X and then pray that you hit the mob in front of you and not the one behind it or across the room if your using a gun.

Everything about the beta is telling me not to get this game yet at times it takes me back to the good old days of PSO. Hopefully the complete game will offer more than this.
-Jase out

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