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nProtect GameGuard

Postby Lightfeather » Thu Oct 26, 2006 3:24 pm

I found a blurb about the nProtect system that launces with the game and connects to the internet. Apparently it's there to make sure we are all "Team Legit Panzer Davil" not to check your game CD authentication.

"Online game has become a popular form of entertainment with a solid base.

However, defined rules in game system are being violated by those who have ill intention of using personal account by hacking and game hack based-foul play.

INCA Internet Co, Ltd., has been providing diagnosis and blocking services against these malicious codes.

Basing on client's demand and KNOW-HOW in game security techniques, INCA Internet Co, Ltd., has brought a new concept of security solution that has hacking block system: nProtect GameGuard
nProtect GameGuard is a game security program that can defend from game hack or hacking attempt at client end."

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