Ageless Entity as a budget rare can be very nasty indeed

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Ageless Entity as a budget rare can be very nasty indeed

Postby CthuluBBQ » Wed Jan 12, 2005 5:19 am

Here's an easy combo that found its way into my Green/White "Life Points are Good" deck

Ageless Entity

-sporting a pimpin'-

Armadillo Cloak

-brownie points for already having out-

Angelic Chorus

:shock: The Lowdown:
This fashionable beastie can attack on turn six without acceleration and cause massive* lifeswings. Keep in mind a blocker would have to deal TWELVE damage to it to kill it when IT FIRST ATTACKS as a mere 6/6. An Angelic Chorus in play could make this an 8/8 (without the cloak) just upon summoning. And if you are going to play with a Chorus, run Treetop villages- activating one should trigger the enchantment (I'm pretty sure of it).

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